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Hiking Essentials

When backpacking or hiking, you never know what obstacles may lie ahead. Our lightweight 20L dry bags with hiking essentials are ready-made to give you all the equipment you need to tackle whatever nature throws at you on your journey.

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What Our Customers Say

"It saved me so much time, energy and money to have someone else put together all the necessities in one easy, portable & light package to take on the trail. Thanks Camino Essentials!"   


Eryn D, Florida, USA (Camino Pilgrim)

What Our Customers Say

All in all, a nicely packed kit that contains most of what any of us would need on a hike!"

Aimee R, Brighton (Camino Pilgrim)

What Our Customers Say

“I found the head torch robust and comfortable to use. It has three light settings, adjustable head strap and moveable torch head, making it easy to avoid blinding others."

Iain R, London (youth camp coordinator)

What Our Customers Say

“Overall the pack was brilliant to use during the Camino as it had every little extra that was needed to get through the Camino.

Brett S, London (Camino pilgrim)

What Our Customers Say

“I used the neat sewing kit very regularly while on the road. Such a small item had a multitude of uses. It made a big difference & was invaluable."

Mary H, Tipperary, Ireland (Camino Pilgirm)

Who Is Our Essentials Kits For?

Our Hiking Essentials Kits provide outdoor enthusiasts with all their basic travel needs in one pre-packed kit bag. It takes the hassle of having to find everything yourself and quickly prepares you for the journey ahead. You never know what the terrain (or weather!) may throw at you, so having a safe, dry bag in which to store your essentials is a must. 

Find out why we include these hiking essentials here.