About Our Hiking Essential Products

Here are details of our products and suggestions on their uses. They have a lasting quality which means they can be used a long time after your journey has ended.

20-Litre Dry Sack

Fantastic for keeping your valuables, medication or electronics dry as a bone in wet or humid conditions. Just remember to roll down the top a number of times and clip together! 

It even floats on water: Before folding, leave lots of air in the bag and hold it by its fastened clip when crossing a river.

Reusable Earplugs (2 pairs)

 Helps you:

  • Sleep through the most amazing loud snores in communal sleeping quarters.
  • Enjoy nature as you walk along, when there is too much chatter or loud music being played along your route.
  • You’ll keep using them when you are back from your trip.

To get the best result to block out noise, click the link here for a step-by-step guide.

Want to reuse them? Find out how to wash reusable earplugs.

Eye Mask

When you have no control over when the lights go out, don your eye mask and darkness is yours!

You will get so used to this light-blocker, you’ll continue to use your eye mask even when your trek is over. 

LED Head Torch

If you have to get up early and don’t want to disturb a roomful of sleepers, use your head torch to get around. It will help you find and pack your things in your own space.  It allows you to direct the light on your things and not on everyone else!

Once you set off on the road, you have your torch to light your way until the sun comes up, or after the sun goes down. 

When you get home, you will find your head torch handy for reading in bed and not disturbing others.


There are so many things vaseline can help with (keep it with you day and night):

Chafing: If you feel any chafing, put vaseline on it to stop the irritation and to protect your skin.

Anti-chafing: where this is risk of chafing, rub vaseline on to prevent the chafing occurring at all.

Cuts and scrapes: smooth some vaseline over them to protect them from getting infected.

Relieves dryness: great lip balm

Note: Even though it is called a jelly, do not eat it!


Head and Neck Gaiter:

This versatile tube of fabric can be used:

Around the neck to keep you warm in the cold, and to protect against the sun in the heat

Headband- keeps your hair neat and absorbs sweat.

Head protector - Covers your whole head and keeps your hair tidy on windy days

Phone Pouch with Carabiner:

This is so useful for easy reach of your phone when on the road.  Just clip it to your backpack and flip the pouch open to access your phone for taking that amazing photo!

Sporks (all in one spoon/fork/knife):

Flexible utensil. 

You’ve got two for those occasions when you’d like to share your picnic with somebody else, or when you need a knife and a fork to eat.

Cotton squares:

To avoid wasting tissue on the road, use these three cotton squares to act as a handkerchief, Picnic napkin, cleaning hands and wiping fruit clean.  They can be washed every evening and dry easily, ready for its multiple uses the following day. They prevent the use of disposable tissues and protects the environment.

Nappy/Diaper Pins:

Invaluable for hanging any undried clothing from your backpack as you walk, particularly hard-to-dry woollen socks

Can also act as additional clothes pegs when there’s none to be found.

Foldaway Tote Bag:

No need to empty your rucksack/daypack to do your shopping. This tote bag is big enough to carry food, water and groceries. It folds away to a neat square and can be easily tucked into your main bag.

Travel Sewing Kit:

Really handy if you snag your clothing or when a button falls out.  There will always be a use for your sewing kit.  It can even be brought on board a plane – the scissor blades are short enough to be allowed through security.

Microfibre Towel (130cm x 80cm):

This towel is so small and light in your bag but is the length of a normal bath towel (130cmx80cm). This towel is so light and durable and dries very quickly. It is a good size for taking to the beach too. Has a clip so you can hang it easily in a shower cubicle or dressing room.

First Aid Kit:

Always handy to have your own first aid to help deal with minor emergencies.  Everything you need when dealing with minor injuries on your journey. Contains iodine and alcohol pads, gauze, Q-tips, bandage, triangular bandage, tourniquet, adhesive strips, scissors, tweezers and safety pins.

Reusable Foldable Water Bottle:

A really handy water bottle close to hand and easy to drink even when it is clipped on. 

There is no taste from the water once it is rinsed before use.

Travel Clothesline with Pegs:

Such a handy clothesline that can be used when a line doesn’t exist or to hang from your bunk if it’s wet outside.  Has its own pegs too!  It stretches a long distance and can even be doubled over to create two taut lines. Remember to wind each end around to gain better tension.

Spare Pair of 160cm Bootlaces:

Obviously, their primary use is to replace worn bootlaces, but these lace cords also come in handy for other practical things. For example, if you wear a rain poncho and it is very windy, tie the boot laces together and wrap it around your waist.  It stops the poncho flapping around you.  They can even be used to make a splint in the event of injury.

2600mAh Powerbank:

You’ve got the power! Your backup charger when your phone runs out of juice on the road.