Here you can find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding our hiking essentials kit. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us here!


What’s included in your Advanced Hiking Essentials Kit?

Our Advanced Hiking Essentials Kit contains several key items such as a microfibre towel, 63-piece first aid kit, LED head torch and much more. See what’s included here.


Why do you offer an advanced kit and a basic kit?

Our Basic Essentials Kit contains the necessary hiking essentials for all hikers, such as reusable earplugs, a travel sewing kit, the 20L dry bag and a lot more. But, some hikers require a few more intermediate bits of kit, for more advanced hiking.


How do you deliver? 

We offer free delivery through Royal Mail, for the UK, Ireland and Europe.


What do I need a hiking essentials kit?

When hiking, you can never predict what will happen. From ripped clothing to sleepless nights and injuries, an essentials kit contains all the items you may need to continue enjoying your journey (should anything go wrong).


Why do the dry bags come with so many essentials?

We provide our hiking essentials to ensure you’re ready for the elements when you set off on your hike. To see exactly why each hiking essential is included, find out about our products here.